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    SALE on Stair Lifts!

    Last updated 6 years ago

    End of the quarter inventory reduction sale. June is the last month of the second quarter for AWA. We have a few Savaria SL-1000's in stock and want to move them. For the month of June or until they are gone we will be reducing the price of these stairlifts to $2,495.00. This is $500 off our already reduced price. Hurry to take advantage before they are gone!

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    Service, Quality and Price.

    Last updated 6 years ago

    I am not sure where I originally heard that a purchase decision is made up of three parts. Those parts are Service, Quality and Price. When making a purchase decision you can get two of the three, but not all three. If you think about buying a quality product from a company with great service you probably will not be able to get it for the lowest price. If price is your main concern you will have to give up either quality of service. Run though the different matrix of options, and you will find this is really a true statement. Keep this in mind when you make you next purchase decision and think about which one of the three items is least important to you then look for a company that best supply you the other two.

    Lift Maintenance

    Last updated 6 years ago

    DO your maintenance on your lifts and elevators. We have been seeing more people becoming aware of the need to service their equipment. This is a very good thing. Just like all mechanical items some maintenance is required to keep them dependable. After safety, dependability is probably the most important thing a piece of equipment must be. I am not aware of too many people who buy a stairlift or wheelchair lift that don’t need it. They bought because they need it. Nothing worse than going to use a lift and it doesn't work. Planned maintenance will minimize sudden failure. Most lift manufacturers recommend their products looked at every 6 months. Some people think that is excessive, but I can assure you it is not. Proper maintenance will keep your lift safe and dependable for many years.

    Buy From a Dealer

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Does the manufacturer matter when buying a lift or elevator? ABSOLUTELY! There are a lot of lifts /elevator manufactures out there. Some are good and some are very bad. That is why we are a huge proponent of dealer based sales verses direct manufacture sales. The dealer has many options on where to get product he is not going to just push one product because that is all he has. A good dealer will shop around the market place for the type of product that his customers are looking for and make the match. While the idea of saving money by buying from a manufacturer seems like a good idea, it may not always be the best option.  A dealer not only looks at a product that meets your needs, but also takes into consideration the maintenance and repairs of the product for the long term. If a product is not holding up and customers are complaining, a dealer can change much quicker than a manufacture that has to change the production line to make a change.  Working with a good dealer is to the customer’s advantage.

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