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    Want To Learn More About Installing A Residential Elevator In Your Home? Here Are A Few Related Links

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Installing a residential elevator is an investment in your future and provides comfort for your handicapped loved ones. To learn more about our recent blog articles, explore the useful links below.

    • Read this article to learn about creating a safe, accessible aging environment in your home.
    • Discover why the trend of home elevators is growing and benefitting suburban areas across the nation in this Wall Street Journal article.
    • If you are considering installing an elevator in your home, read this article about the benefits of this residential technology.

    If you want to begin plans for your residential elevator today, call All-Ways Accessible at (800) 684-0270.

    4 Benefits of Installing a Home Elevator

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Residing in a multi-level home presents difficulties for children, elderly relatives, and especially the disabled. If you or your loved one needs assistance in your home, consider partnering with All-Ways Accessible to install a residential elevator.

    1. Accessibility

    If you have a disabled loved one who frequently visits your home, you understand the difficulties that arise in mobility. By installing a residential elevator, you allow your guests to roam freely throughout your home without feeling like an inconvenience. In the future, accessibility may become a concern for you as well. Create an accessible home for your future by adding a residential elevator today.

    2. Style

    Residential elevators have become more common, popular, and affordable, and they add a stylish characteristic to any home. Like a vehicle, a home elevator is an investment that will benefit you for years to come. Installing an elevator in your home makes you the first in your neighborhood to showcase this rising and functional trend.

    3. Value

    A home elevator is a profitable investment that adds resale value to your home. Prospective buyers like the idea of a home being accessible by elevator for unexpected circumstances, which is why adding a residential elevator increases the worth and desirability of your home.

    4. Safety

    The most important advantage of installing a residential elevator in your home is to provide safety for your loved ones. If you or your spouse is trying to retrieve something upstairs while home alone, a home elevator reduces the chance of an accident occurring and keeps your disabled loved one safe.

    To begin enjoying the benefits of a residential elevator in your home, consult the experts at All-Ways Accessible. In addition to home elevators, we offer services to install stair and wheelchair lifts. Find out more by visiting or calling our office at (800) 684-0270.

    A Sneak Peak at Our Cutting-Edge Pneumatic Elevators

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Residential elevators are gaining popularity, and pneumatic elevators are the next evolution in home accessibility. Read on for a preview of the latest in residential elevator technology from All-Ways Accessible:

    • Basic Design

    Unlike regular home elevators, pneumatic elevators have a unique design. Rather than a square elevator, the pneumatic elevator is built in the shape of a clear, glass tube. The futuristic design of the pneumatic elevator allows it to transport you and your loved ones to different areas of your home without cables or pulleys. The basic structure is built with aluminum and polycarbonate materials that create a light, stylish structure for your home.

    • Convenience

    Despite its one-of-a-kind design, a pneumatic elevator offers the same benefits of a regular residential elevator. The disabled members of your family can easily and safely enter the upstairs area of your home without the inconvenience of stairs. Since the pneumatic elevator uses only vacuum pumps and turbines, you don’t have to worry about calling a maintenance company to look at cables, pistons, or other pieces of elevator equipment. The lack of hydraulic machinery also means quicker installation and fewer expenses for your home’s new addition.

    • Safety

    Pneumatic elevators provide a level of safety and comfort that is essential when housing handicapped members of your family. If you are unable to be home with your spouse or guest, residential pneumatic elevators provide your loved one with a safe, easy way to access the various levels of your home. While it may not be an immediate concern for you now, a home elevator may be your only means of residential mobility in a few decades. Installing a pneumatic elevator ensures your future accessibility and allows you to become familiar with this cutting-edge technology now.

    If you’re unsure if a pneumatic elevator is right for your home, visit All-Ways Accessible. Our Stowe showroom features a working, full-scale pneumatic elevator for demonstrations. Schedule an appointment or call us with your questions at (800) 684-0270.

    Adding an Elevator to Your Home

    Last updated 6 years ago

    If a member of your family suffers from a disability, installing a residential elevator could make your home more convenient. Watch this video to find out how useful home elevators can be.

    As the Baby Boomer generation becomes older, the trend of home elevators is becoming more popular. This home technology ensures you and your loved ones have a safe, quick way to move throughout your home.

    If the space in your home is compact, a residential elevator can be installed on the outside of your home. Call All-Ways Accessible today at (800) 684-0270 to learn more about your options for creating an aging-in-place plan for your home.

    Happy Holidays From All-Ways Accessible!

    Last updated 6 years ago

    From all of us at All-Ways Accessible Inc. we want to wish all everyone Happy Holidays. This time of year makes many of us to stop and think about the less fortunate. Let us not stop there, let's make a yearlong commitment to think of others. Together we can make a difference for a huge amount of people.

    We look forward to being of service to you in the upcoming year.

    - The Entire Staff at All-Ways Accessible Inc.

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