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How a Commercial Dumbwaiter Can Impact Your Business

Last updated 6 years ago

A dumbwaiter is a device that is designed to carry objects, rather than people, between floors of a building. If you have a multi-level commercial establishment, a dumbwaiter is an economic investment that is worth considering. A commercial dumbwaiter can make a substantial impact on your current business in the following ways:

  • Save Time. Installing a dumbwaiter in your business can increase speed by helping employees complete tasks in a more efficient manner. A dumbwaiter can cut down on the amount of time objects spend in transit, allowing your employees to do their jobs more quickly.

  • Reduce Costs. Using a dumbwaiter is a smart way to cut down on expenses because the same amount of work can be done with fewer employees. In addition, it can reduce your risk for injury lawsuits resulting from employees carrying heavy or cumbersome objects up and down stairs.
  • Conserve Space. Dumbwaiters can be installed in a variety of sizes, spaces, and capacities. Small dumbwaiters can be used to ferry food between stories, while large dumbwaiters can be used for large loads that need to be transported up and down multiple levels.
  • Preserve Employee Strength. Employees who have access to the use of a dumbwaiter can save energy by not lugging heavy loads repeatedly up and down stairs. When employees have more energy, they have more time and an increased ability to focus on the task at hand.

If your business could benefit from the use of a dumbwaiter, contact All-Ways Accessible of Concord, NH. We can install dumbwaiters in a wide variety of capacities and sizes. Call (800) 684-0270 to find out how we can help your business become accessible for as many customers and employees as possible.


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